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The Po de Acar Hotel is a unique place that, beyond being an Hotel, is also a truly Vintage Museum, with original pieces of the XX century registered in our collective memories.

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We invite you to see the video of Cristal Palace in Porto, where this bumper cars produced in 1971 were functioning until the mid of the 80s, being an interesting reference of intergenerational entertainment.

In the Po de Acar Hotel you will find 5 of this cars very well preserved, make us a visit to us and enjoy of lot more

After the demands of lots of people, we decided to start a Vintage Online Museum.

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Vintage Museum...

On the Vintage Online Museum you will find in the future more than 100 pieces full of history and wistful memories of many childhoods, and not only.

Our hotel unit assumes, in its conceptual nature, one truly distinctive element, within the traditional hotel industry. Inasmuch as its facilities, namely the common spaces, they transformed in a truly Showroom or even a garage of this rare patrimony, that were the bumper cars of the former Feira do Palcio de Cristal.

The most interesting about the bumper cars that are in Po de Acar Hotel is that they itself where part of a delightful childhood of many children, in the 60s, 70s and 80s decades.

Those are wonderful memories that thousands of people have in common. As the comment made for a client on TripAdvisor testify:

The ancient bumper cars of the Cristal Palace
- 30th June 2013 -

I had chosen this hotel for the character truly atypical that shows in all of its facilities. A different concept, of something that I never saw. I refer, therefore, to its eccentricity, demonstrated in its collection of original pieces of the XX century, from which I emphasize the bumper cars that delighted me and my brothers in the 70s.