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Hotel General Manager
“Pão de Açúcar”

Be welcome! In the heart of the undefeated city lies our little treasure, the Pão de Açúcar Hotel.

Beginning in 1939 and completed in 1945 by Engineer Ferreira dos Santos, this beautiful building and hotel officially opens its doors on 15 August 1953.

Nowadays, besides a sui generis accommodation, with a privileged location, is distinguished by a unique feature that makes it unique: the Pão de Açúcar Hotel is above all an impressive Vintage Museum – for its elegance and comfort, it was the space we chose to exhibit. the memorabilia objects that our family has been preserving, a reflection of our passion for art.

It is not difficult to understand why we chose Pão de Açúcar Hotel as a showcase of our precious things. The classic and welcoming ambience of this building is surrounded by an impressive piece: the inner staircase, the nine-floor lead for art and design lovers, is spiraling, a model truly atypical in Art-Deco Liberty trends, that inspired the hotel. ( See complete text... )

    Ex-libris of the building, this spiral staircase attracts the visit of international and national architects, who did not hesitate to qualify it as a true work of art, icon of the Spiral Staircase concept, like the vintage bumper cars from the traditional Fair of the Crystal Palace, which are the centerpiece. It is through this staircase that I invite you for a nostalgic journey through the twentieth century, where on each floor we place objects that evoke happy childhood times, such as the vintage bumper cars, which are the centerpiece of our Collection, and a thousand and one surprises. to discover up to the top floor of the hotel.

    As we want to arouse your attention and challenge your acumen we regularly change a piece of place. Will you find the piece out of place? We also suggest that you save the most special part of this Vintage Museum to the end: on floor 0 is a Living Room full of memorabilia, which we idealized as if it came straight from a family home from another era.

    Our Vintage Museum takes you all over the world! Between comfort and art, we want the Pão de Açúcar Hotel to be for every guest or visitor like a return home, at a time when a record player and a “Toddy” mug were enough to make us happy…

Enjoy every moment!